At Reliable Construction, we’re leaders in retail construction firms and have a portfolio of unique projects to prove it.

Retail Construction Services


Retail construction must be adapted to the needs of the end client while meeting—or exceeding—industry standards. Each retail construction project must therefore be approached as something unique, with the retail construction contractor fully prepared all specific expectations and requirements. This standard is at the core of Reliable Construction’s process. Here’s how we make it happen:

The first step for us in all our retail construction projects is to understand what you need and how you measure success. Are you rebranding or remodeling a commercial space? Or is it a new construction project you’re starting from scratch? Explain your project to us in detail, and let our retail construction contractors do the rest.


Which kind of Retail Construction is your Project?

Buildouts: A buildout includes the demolition of a property by the contractor to rebuild a new one in its place that fits the expectations and needs of the tenants.

Storefront: Storefront projects generally involve the remodeling of the front of a store, and are done with the purpose of attracting more client traffic.

Remodels: Commercial remodels comprise the renovation and upgrade of an existing commercial space.

Rebranding: Similar to remodeling, rebranding includes revamping an existing property. Rebranding is less committed to the project construction, as its focus is more around on changing and upgrading the superficial look of the space.

Sustainability: A sustainability-focused project will place the contractor’s focus on an update of the space with the underlying priority to choose eco-friendly materials and processes.

Turnkey: These projects consists of building or remodeling a commercial property for the owner to eventually sell it later on.


Things to consider when choosing a construction company:


Experience is the number-one factor you should prioritize when looking for a construction company. Since the construction industry includes many different types of construction, make sure the service provider you have in mind has experience in the right field as well. Industrial construction requires different points of attention than residential construction, for instance.

Do not hesitate to request past references and projects from the commercial contractor to get an idea of what you will get out of this project. Also, check out the better business bureau in your area, which will determine if any complaints were left about the company you’re planning to work with.


The contractor’s approach to the project should be tailored to your needs and wants. Pay attention to how the team around your project is formed; how is their availability or skill level? Without the right skills and knowledge, your project will see delays and expensive setbacks.


In the optic of getting back to your business as soon as possible, it’s important to make sure that you get precise deadlines out of your contractor. They should be able to provide clear and definite project deadlines and complete their work on schedule.

Regular Updates

Good communication needs to be fluid in your relationship with your construction company. You need to be given regular updates about your project’s progress. If the project is facing delays, you should not only be informed, but also offered tactics to get it back on track to make sure deadlines and expectations are met.


Efficient and regular maintenance is a must when it comes to any construction project. The retail contractor you pick needs to be there even after the project is carried out. As with everything, wear and tear due to time is to be expected, and if any emergencies pop up, they need to be dealt with accordingly by the responsible parties.

Quality assurance

One of the top concerns you should keep in mind when choosing a contractor is the assurance that you will get quality work. What kind of guarantees are provided to you? In what condition will the company leave your space? Verify that the company performs quality controls and measures.

Value Engineering

The balance between appearance and functionality should be maintained at all costs. Your partner company should provide value-engineered options to help you maintain the all-important appearance and function ration of your space, and at a reasonable price.

Rules & Regulations

Every municipality has its own rules and regulations that govern the commercial construction industry. Your contractor should be familiar with these requirements to make sure your project is in accordance with any related regulations.


You should make sure that the contractor you choose will stand by their work; and there is no better way of doing that than by getting actual warranties written into your agreement.


At Reliable Construction, we’re leaders in retail construction firms and have a portfolio of unique projects to prove it.

Retail construction management includes setting high standards in cleanliness and safety, which Reliable Construction has a stellar reputation for. Retail construction companies also have the obligation to use products that are environmentally friendly, which Reliable Construction takes pride in doing. Ask us how we do this and what can be done to make your retail construction project even more environmentally sound. 

Place your trust in us for all your retail construction projects. We can guarantee your satisfaction in our processes and the end result. Contact us with any questions!

About the Process

For every step of a construction project, including the simplest and the most complex, we make sure all our predefined processes are scrupulously respected in an effort to ensure a successful outcome.

Construction projects always take a considerable amount of time and work and represent a consequent investment. Working with the following steps enables us to make sure each project has everything it needs and can follow projected delivery dates. 


  • Planning
  • Design
  • Pre-Construction
  • Procurement
  • Commercial Construction
  • Post-Construction

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