Demolition is a specialized activity that requires specific processes and security measures to ensure that your project runs smoothly, and up to all compliance standards. We offer demolition services in all three construction sectors.

Demolition Services

Along with our capacity to help with any type of construction, Reliable Construction is also the local leader among demolition companies, ready to take care of all your demolition needs.

Demolition is a specialized activity that requires specific processes and security measures to ensure that your project runs smoothly (and up to all compliance standards). We offer demolition services in all three construction sectors.

Industrial demolition

We have decades of experience in demolition of industrial buildings, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, distribution facilities, and tech buildings. Industrial construction projects are in general larger in scope due to their product production or storage purpose.

Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition is also within our expertise. We have exceptional knowledge of the types of construction in commercial buildings, and subsequently are better equipped to safely demolish them. 

Residential Demolition

Residential construction has its own particulars when it comes to demolition, some of which require specific processes and precautions during the demolition process. Reliable Commercial is experienced in these demolition processes, with decades of track record to prove it.

Different techniques can be used by licensed demolition companies like Reliable Construction, depending on the need. For example:

  • Blasting with dynamite
  • The use of a wrecking ball
  • Thermal lances
  • And simple human strength

Our demolition services include:

  • Total building demolition 
  • High-rise dismantle
  • Implosions
  • Interior demolition
  • On-site concrete recycling
  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Soil remediation
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Asset recovery
  • Recycling of metals 

Deconstruction is usually preferred to demolition since it allows to recycle materials and reduce potential problems (like noise and dust pollution). It implies the selective dismantlement of building components, specifically for reuse, repurposing, recycling, and waste management. It differs from demolition, where a site is cleared of its building by the most expedient means. This is something Reliable Construction can advise you on when we review the options to meet your project needs.

You can place your trust in us for all your demolition projects. Reach out to us now to discuss your demolition project and receive a quote.

About the Process

For every step of a construction project, including the simplest and the most complex, we make sure all our predefined processes are scrupulously respected in an effort to ensure a successful outcome.

Construction projects always take a considerable amount of time and work and represent a consequent investment. Working with the following steps enables us to make sure each project has everything it needs and can follow projected delivery dates. 


  • Planning
  • Design
  • Pre-Construction
  • Procurement
  • Commercial Construction
  • Post-Construction

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Do you have a question that we could answer? Chances are we’ve heard it, lived it, fixed it, or built it – so lay it on us.

What is in the demolition commodity stream?

Many materials can be extracted and reused from a demolition site when they have a non-negligible market value. Those typical commodities include concrete, metals, ceiling tiles, flooring and carpets, wiring and conduit, plasterboard, wood, soils, and roofing materials.

What is a high reach and how is it used in demolition?

High reach units allow access to tall structures, as well provide safe demolition of the building within its footprint. They generally use long boom arms with specialized hydraulic attachments mounted on excavator platforms.

How exactly are demolition and deconstruction different?

Demolition refers to the complete clearing of a site from its buildings, by expedient means. Deconstruction is a longer process that implies the recycling, reuse, repurposing of the materials as well as eco-friendly waste management.

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