From the design phase to project completion, Reliable Commercial Construction can ensure your project is handled with competency and care.

Construction Management Services in DFW

Reliable Commercial Construction is here for you. We provide top-level construction management services across the Dallas Fort-Worth area. We can oversee your project from the idea stage all the way to completion when you get the keys.


What is construction management?

Outside of the construction industry, not many people even know what construction management services are. Essentially, construction management coordinates all of the elements of construction, from start to finish. We have a guide to help clients do it themselves, but for massive, complicated projects, we believe you should go to a professional. Construction managers handle the day-to-day operations of a project from its first inception to project completion. Their services are necessary on large, complex projects that have to be coordinated with each other to ensure proper work flow, supplies, and timing. Not all projects need management services- for example, if you are building a small patio, or back deck on  your house, you probably won’t need managing. However, a project like building a shopping mall, or a cluster of storage centers will need management services. 

Why is construction management important? Well, as you might imagine, having an assigned manager for complicated projects helps keep them organized. But what is specifically beneficial about construction management? First off, it helps minimize risk. Labor, materials, and more have to be coordinated in a project to prevent work stoppages and delays that cost you time and money. A  construction project manager also improves accountability for a project. This is a person who knows where the project should be at about any point on the timeline. If there is a slowdown, the manager is the person who can fix it, but most likely a manager will ensure any delay is avoided in the first place.


Phases of Construction

Pre-construction Phase

Management of preconstruction started as construction cost estimating. Now, it has grown to anticipate and plan all of the other activities in a project. This is the design and planning phase. During this phase of construction, important decisions are made as to the project’s timeline, budget, and hiring of contractors. Collaboration between the construction and design team during this early phase is also incredibly important, as it can help smooth out future problems that will arise. Preconstruction management is important because during this time, a project road map is created. This plan can be followed for the rest of the construction process.

Specific preconstruction services include:

  • cost estimates
  • conceptual estimates
  • project bidding
  • BIM (building information modeling) planning
  • scheduling
  • logistics planning
  • feasibility review


Construction Phase

This is the phase that most people are familiar with. It is the phase when the building work is being executed. During this phase, it’s important to have everything running as smoothly as possible. Having a well planned and organized construction phase will ensure that work continues without stopping, and that there aren’t too many surprises. Obviously, no construction project will ever be 100% free of problems and the unexpected. A construction manager’s job is to ensure that the project is as close as possible to operating perfectly and smoothly. For example, an electrician can’t start wiring work if the frame of a building isn’t ready yet. The building must be built in a specific order so that work can go on as planned.

Construction project management during this phase ensures the following are available and work-ready when needed:

  • construction equipment (tools, heavy machines, etc)
  • building materials
  • general contractors
  • specialized contractors

A manager must also ensure good communication between ground crews, as well as between ground crews and management during this phase. Regular inspection of the job site will help the construction manager ensure a good rate of work with very few delays.


Post-construction Phase

This phase of commercial construction sees a project being finalized. The keys are handed over, and everything is done right? Not exactly. The post-construction phase helps make sure that the transition to the new building is comfortable. This phase also sets up the client and commercial contractor to collaborate on future projects. 

Post-construction includes:

  • final inspection
  • site preparation and clean up
  • post project review
  • turn over of operating manuals
  • turn over of as-built documentation
  • training for using the new building
  • contact list
  • cost reconciliation
  • coordinating the move in
  • follow-up walk through/meeting (usually after 6 months or 1 year).

During this phase, we focus on 2 things. The first is ensuring that the transition to your new building is as seamless as possible. The other focus is that everything in the building is finished and 100% ready. Post-construction isn’t just the end of a project, it’s hopefully the beginning of more.


Construction management in the Dallas Fort-Worth area

If you have a project you are ready to get underway in DFW, Reliable Commercial is here for you. We are a large company with over 35 years of experience- so no project is too big or complex to handle. From the design phase to project completion, Reliable can ensure your project is handled with competency and care. Our other services include demolition and deconstruction, self storage construction, repairs and remodeling, commercial renovation, foundation work, paving, and industrial, retail, and commercial construction. If you want some help with your construction project contact us today.

About the Process

For every step of a construction project, including the simplest and the most complex, we make sure all our predefined processes are scrupulously respected in an effort to ensure a successful outcome.

Construction projects always take a considerable amount of time and work and represent a consequent investment. Working with the following steps enables us to make sure each project has everything it needs and can follow projected delivery dates. 


  • Planning
  • Design
  • Pre-Construction
  • Procurement
  • Commercial Construction
  • Post-Construction

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