Reliable Construction is leader among commercial renovation contractors. You can see this evidenced in our portfolio of recent projects, and you’ll feel the difference when you work with us and see our proven processes for all our commercial renovation services.

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Things to Consider Before a Commercial Renovation

Renovating your commercial space tends to be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. Perhaps you’re starting a business, or even expanding your current activity. Whatever the case, there are many factors you should consider before you let the sledgehammers lay rage on your space. Check out these factors before beginning your building renovation:


Certificate of Occupancy

This legal document (CO) indicates the use that the space can pretend to. Many municipalities hold online databases where you can download a copy of such a document to make sure the law is in accordance with your projects. Since changing a CO can take up to months or even years of administration, you should choose a space whose use already fits your desires.


Existing Violations on Your Property

Depending on who the previous owner or tenant was, that person might or might not have performed construction work in the right way, and building violations could already be present on the property. For instance, the fire sprinkler system could be malfunctioning, or they could have realized construction without the right permit. When you go and get the next construction permit, the current state of the property will be scrutinized and discovered, as well as any violation—and that could mean a stop in your construction work later on. 

Just as with COs, municipalities offer online databases where you can search open violations. If you are only leasing the property, then these violations should be taken care of by the landlord; but if you are the owner, you should be the one working on fixing them as soon as possible so the project can begin as planned.


Review Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

Can your property handle the weight of your business? In some cases, we mean that literally. Perhaps you are planning to break down some walls or switch a place to completely new nature of business. Either way, get informed and make sure that the property can physically handle the changes you plan to implement. Moreover, assessing the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems (MEPs) is essential. Ensure that the infrastructure can hold the weight of your business.


The Building’s Envelope

The word “envelope” in this context refers to what separates the inside of a building from the outside, and it’s another area worth paying attention to before starting your renovation project. Accessibility for disabled people is also a frequently-overlooked matter. In accordance with the Americans with Disability Act, businesses and employers are required to offer accommodations for people with disabilities, particularly in the structure of their buildings.

Other factors that could have an impact in your renovation project include asbestos in window glazing and placement in a historical district (which could prevent you from adding too many changes to the building’s façade, including doors and windows).


Facility Requirements

Most health codes require an employer to provide access to basic amenities like toilets, for instance. In commercial offices, this can mean a shared bathroom on a floor. For a food establishment, on the other hand, the requirement will depend on the size of the building itself. Make sure to check out what regulations apply to your business type, and to respect those during the renovation project with the help of your contractor.

Be certain to consider those 5 criteria before beginning a renovation project in your commercial space. Ignoring them could create bigger problems later.


Reliable Construction is leader among commercial renovation contractors. You can see this evidenced in our portfolio of recent projects, and you’ll feel the difference when you work with us and see our proven processes for all our commercial renovation services.

Our team of skilled professionals is all about the effectiveness of your project in meeting your end need. The final result will be the impressive commercial space you might not have even thought possible before. Each of our commercial renovation contractors work seamlessly to meet and exceed your expectations.

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About the Process

For every step of a construction project, including the simplest and the most complex, we make sure all our predefined processes are scrupulously respected in an effort to ensure a successful outcome.

Construction projects always take a considerable amount of time and work and represent a consequent investment. Working with the following steps enables us to make sure each project has everything it needs and can follow projected delivery dates. 


  • Planning
  • Design
  • Pre-Construction
  • Procurement
  • Commercial Construction
  • Post-Construction

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What happens if you renovate without a permit?

When building or remodeling without a permit, owners face fines as well as the possible requirement to remove work performed illegally. Work with your contractor to ensure you have the required permits, and that this does not happen to you.

How much does it cost to remodel a commercial building?

The commercial remodeling of a space generally costs from $50 to $150 per square foot.

Can we work in the space as construction happens?

During the building renovation, leave the space to our renovation experts for both safety and practical reasons. You can move back in at the end of the remodel.

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