Just like the opening scene in a movie sets the tone for the whole picture, the entrance of your property sets the tone for the experience every one of your customers will have. Many customers report having better experiences in-store based on the appearance of the business. This is especially true for restaurants, theaters, and any place relying on atmosphere as part of the delivery of its product.

The entrance way of your property, whatever kind of business it might be, will outshine just about every other aspect of the building. 


First Impressions Matter

For most people, the entrance to a commercial space is the absolute first thing seen, and it makes the biggest impression the first time people come to the site. Many entrances have potted plants, for instance, which is a subtle way of showing customers how the business is capable of high-quality and persistent care. Usually, you will find a logo as well to remind people what the business is all about. 

Your entrance is the face of your business. Now, be sure to put your best face forward.

Your Entrance is a High-Traffic Area

Most of your business will probably be coming in and out of the main entrance. This means that not only are you trying to show your best first impression, but you need to prepare the area for high-use. It’s important to have an entryway that can stand up to the foot traffic, handle the amount of people you expect to see come in, and withstand the elements year-round. 

You want people to be happy at the entrance of your building, too—happy customers make for better business. You will notice that many entrances have lobbies right inside for people to wait, along with food and drink available and plenty of staff nearby to help customers and clients. These are solid best-practices to make a comfortable first impression.


What are Some Ways to Ensure You Have the Best Entrance You Can?

There are plenty of things you can do to start improving customer experience from the moment they enter the building—and even before.

Potted plants

Well-maintained plants subconsciously reinforce the idea of your company being responsible and caring. 

Think about it this way: if you walk into a business and immediately see brown, dying plants, what would you think? 

Now, imagine you walk into a business and see healthy, thriving plants. You will immediately recognize that this business knows how to take care of things.

Here is a list of surprising ways plants can improve your entrance.



The entrance should be inviting and warm. The last thing any business wants is for customers to be scared off. An imposing entrance can do just that. Again, first impressions matter. If you enter a business to be greeted immediately by arguing clients or an unwelcome interior, your first instinct is to leave. If you enter a place and feel invited and comfortable, you will want to stick around, and come back later. 


Keep it Simple

Put your business’s best foot forward by keeping it simple. Nobody wants to be overwhelmed as soon as they walk into a place. You will notice that good entryways are open, clean, and free of clutter. They give you an idea of what the business is about without smashing you over the head with too much information. This goes for restaurants, retail, and residential spaces.


Carefully Use Color

Warm and inviting colors are great – light earth tones, off whites, etc. But too much use of contrasting color feels abrasive and builds anxiety. Leave the edgiest use of color to the art studios. A few pops of light colors for most spaces will relax the mood, but don’t overdo it. Good examples include having most of the office or store use light, matching colors, where just a few stand out items (like your brand’s logo, or signage). This keeps things easy on the eyes and simple.


Display Your Logo Proudly

This is your business, and visitors here should feel the presence of your brand. It’s disconcerting to walk into a business and realize that you don’t know who they are or what they do. Make sure that your logo is prominently displayed somewhere in the entrance so visitors know who you are. The logo’s professional placement and display also reinforce the idea of your professionalism. 



It’s almost always a good idea to have seating at or close to the entrance. It immediately starts things off on a bad foot when someone has to wait standing up. Comfortable, happy clients make for the best clients. Not only are they happy to hang out and do more business with you, they will be likely to come back for more. Comfortable chairs with armrests are a mainstay of banks, doctor’s offices, and innumerable types of firms that want to remind the clients how important they are. 



How to Remodel the Entrance of Your Business

If you want to get some work done on your entrance, but don’t want to destroy your business with a huge remodeling project that closes you down for a time, using this simple set of guidelines can help: 

  1. Communicate with your customers and employees. It’s especially important to let your employees know what’s happening, as they’ll be the first people your customers ask about any project. 
  2. Plan everything carefully. Break the construction down into timed stages. Your business entrance is important, and it’s important to know just how long each stage of the construction will take. You can make future plans for when construction is complete and be ready to overcome sudden mishaps or unexpected events.
  3. Contain the construction. Make sure that you have other entrances available, or only one small part of your entrance is under construction at a time. This prevents business from coming to a standstill.
  4. Remodel during slow times. After hours, and slower times of the year are ideal for doing work on your entrance. 
  5. Offer customers courtesy or loyalty discounts. Clients who deal with the extra hassle of dealing with a business that is remodeling deserve a little something extra. This will also help keep customers over time.

For are more ideas about staying open during construction, check here.

Still Need Some Help Updating Your Entrance?

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